Recording drums. It can be a problem trying to find somewhere to record (let alone practice!). Drums require space and somewhere isolated to play. Like a lot of musicians, I enjoy 'working' in my own studio. Releasing material under my record label TRicorder Records. I am just as serious about the studio gear, its constantly changing to achieve the best possible sound on my own recording projects and those I complete for other musicians.

Drumming credits include:

2nd Generation, Daybreak, Theos Worship Band, Off The Record, Simon Edward.

Drums: DW Collectors Series. click here for full spec.
Ludwig 100th Anniversary Black Beauty Snare Drum. click here for full spec.

Cymbals: Sabian HH, HHX and Artisan. click here for full spec.

Microphones: Shure SM57, Shure PG81, MAY Internal Kick Drum System, Audio Tecnica Pro 25, Wharfedale KM3, KM4, KM5.

Desk: Logic Pro X, Tascam US-1800 Audio Interface, Shure Wireless Transmixer and Receiver, ACS T2 Series Custom IN-Ear Monitors.