Behind the kit 2009 - Present

2009 was an epic year!

The years that followed saw a major change in gear. It was time to go pro. From 1988 it was my goal to end up with professional gear. To own Ludwig and DW Drums had always been my long term goal. I put the first part of this goal into action. I sold the Premier XPK KIt  and the Pearl Signature Omar Hakim Snare drum.

I went to Anglia Drum Centre, Gorleston and found the perfect Luddy.

Enter the Ludwig Epic X-Over Striped kit

The hallmark of the Ludwig sound has always begun with the shell. As Ludwig entered their 101st year of manufacturing history, Ludwig returned to its roots by experimenting with multiple-wood shell compositions for new horizons in tonal variety.
The result is Epic, a new series of drums crafted for every player from the gigging workhorse to the seasoned pro.

Segmented shell crafting is an exciting concept that incorporates the dark quality of Walnut inner/outer plies fused with the warmth of North American Maple inner/outer plies to create a whole new tonal as well as visual experience.This magic combination combined with 3-ply Birch reinforcement rings and Poplar core plies results in a sound and look that is unparalleled in drum making. The perfect balance between rumbling lows and sparkling highs is achieved with the Epic X-Over Striped Series. Available only in a natural gloss finish and three classic Ludwig configurations, X-Over Striped is simply the best of all worlds.

Check out set-up for full details of this kit.