Merry Go Crazy

9 May 2014

Merry go crazy is about the Merry go round of life, which can drive us all to distraction. When things get complicated, look within and find comfort in the gift of laughter and each other. This song was written, recorded and arranged at home between 19th March and 9th May 2014. 

You can listen here

This is the story of “Merry Go Crazy”:- 

Stu Martin (Drummer) and I played together in several bands/groups, from the late 1980’s to the early Noughtie’s (the decade between the 90’s and the present decade). We were playing as serving musicians at a Church near to where we grew up in Romford, Essex. 

At other times, we would jam and ‘cover’ other artists music, with backing from a MIDI sequencer. It was really about trying to grow as musicians, by learning from some of the musicians we were following at the time. 

I had acquired a multi-track cassette recorder to hear how we sounded, and although Stuart had electronic drum sounds, he had built his first studio in a spare room at his house to play/record his acoustic drum kit. It had a raised floor, sound proofing and looked very professional. ‘Studio One’ was the ideal place to capture Stuart’s ‘pure’ drum sound (no compression or effects) on tape..

We were doing what we enjoyed most; playing and recording music. In 1999, we recorded a 6-track Compact Disc (CD) of cover songs called ‘X’, under our band name: ‘2nd Generation’:- 

March 2014: 
For the first time in 15 years, we have just finished writing and recording a new track. Some things have changed, but still the same two guys – the quiet one’s at the back. We don’t have the luxury of living one mile apart now, but we do have broadband internet. 

Stu says, “All it took was an internet connection, ‘Dropbox’ (cloud-based web storage), some microphones and lots of fun”.. “A tweet from Simon, ‘Check out the #Dropbox’. Waiting for me was a sound file of a Bass line that lasted just over a minute”. “I tweeted back, ‘Do you want a #drum track?’ 

“The next day I imported the bass track into Cubase and sat behind my kit. It was like Simon was in the studio with me. It didn’t feel like 15-years had passed. We just picked up where we left off – after a very long tea break!”


“I was surprised by how much I liked the sound of the first version. From then, the track just kept on growing. Version 4 arrived in the Dropbox on May 10th, which had the vocals on it. Up until then, I had no idea what the song would be about!” 

“I record my drums with no effects and trust Simon to mix the drums to fit the song. I’ve learnt over 25 years that a drummer never hears what their kit really sounds like, until they hear it from the other side. 

The only way to do that is get someone else to play your drums while you listen out front. All I can say is my DW drums sound awesome, with thanks to Simon for letting me hear my true sound”. “Boooooom!” 

Thank you Stu! It was great hearing us playing together again. Although it took about 6-weeks to produce the song, from the initial recording – through writing – to final mix, I think it sounds great! It’s our song now… 

Simon Edward | 2014 | First published: September 24th


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