207 to The Vale

12 May 2016

Had a blast today with my great friend and ‘brother-in-rhythm’ for over 30 years! Simon Edward infinitybass.com   

My day started with a live performance assessment at BIMM London. Move Over by Janis Joplin was the tune of choice! The assessment process is a strange one, maybe I'll write a blog post about that one day. However, I did ok... I think! After 3 hours of hearing the same song played by at least 15 bands and my ears ringing from that backbeat I was ready to get out into the fresh air and meet up with my pal Sef. Met him at Bayswater on the district line, a place I hadn't been to before or aware of its existence. Honest I've never been there, although the waiter in Pizza Hut seemed to think I was a regular as he asked me if I was having my usual pizza order. Maybe I have a look a like out there on the streets of London. Anyhow Sef and I had pizza and did what we do best... Talk about putting the world to rights! Then Sef took me on a magical mystery tour, worried by my daily journey by train to studio 4 and the  possible unsafe stations I pass through. Sef exsplained there was a safer, quicker and easier way to get to studio 4. So we got on the tube to Shepherd's Bush, then a bus! The number 207 to The Vale. Within minutes we were at studio 4. For the last year it's been taking me an hour by overground train from Stratford station. Why oh why had I been taking the long route round? Because I've not a clue about getting around London. I take my hat of to you Sef for showing me the way. 
Gave Sef an exclusive behind the scenes tour of studio 4, my kit and cymbal set up. Followed by drum and bass chat and a couple of drumming demo's. Then a quick photo session. I think Sef actually got a picture of me smiling which if ever seen will ruin my reputation! So we thought we'd better address the balance and take this serious slightly frowning selfie. Then back on the 207 to The Bush. Back on the underground and on our separate paths back home.

Great spending time with you mate, we don't do it often enough but when we do we just pick up where we left of as if it was yesterday. A sign of a real true friendship of over 30 years. You don't need your life filled with loads of friends just one or two. The ones that matter, the ones that are there for you in all the ups and downs.

Everyone should have one friend like Sef. 

Cheers mate, until next time.
Keep on keeping on! ??


  • Simon Edward
    Simon Edward Newbury, England
    ? HA ~ you can leave your hat on now.. glad to be of some use.. Pizza, love and peace ? ☮ Sef

    ? HA ~ you can leave your hat on now.. glad to be of some use.. Pizza, love and peace ? ☮ Sef

  • Stu Martin
    Stu Martin
    Hats back on! ??

    Hats back on! ??

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