Behind the kit 1987 - 1995

First acoustic kit I ever played... And loved it! 

The kit lived at Romford Evangelical Church. Back in the day it was a "big thing" to have drums in church. The kit and the guy sitting behind it (me) had to deal with many views and opinions on it. Not all good, but I had very broad shoulders and stuck with it. Over time the drums were accepted in church. It's strange now to think it was such a big deal to have drums in church. I take my hat off to all the church drummers out there for persevering. I'm happy to say now you will find a drummer and his kit in churches across the land.

This kit sounded and looked great in midnight blue. Sadly this kit no longer lives at Romford Evangelical Church it just vanished one day!
To this day my search continues to find this kit.
Would love to sit behind it again one day.