Behind the kit 2010 - Present

A Zildjian cymbal, £100 and over 25 years later I can sit behind this.

Drum Workshop, Inc. (DW) was founded in 1972 by Don Lombadi at the age of 26 he opened a small teaching studio in Santa Monica. He called the studio Drum Workshop, offering private drum lessons and monthly workshops.  1974 the year I was born DW produced its first product, a height adjustable trap case seat. By the 80's DW were producing drums. 1988 I picked up my first pair of sticks and sat behind a kit.  A Hayman Kit, to me it looked and sounded like a DW kit. (Check out the lugs) From that moment it was my ambition to own and sit behind a DW.  2004 I saw Phil Collins First Farewell Tour, Chester Thompson was behind a DW Collectors Series Kit. Inspired, to be sitting behind a DW by the time I was 40 was my next goal. That gave me 10 years, 10 years to save and figure out what gear I could do without. By 2009 I had the Ludwig Epic X-Over Striped kit, a great 4 piece touring kit. I was missing the three up, two down configuration of the Premier XPK. A configuration and setup I felt most comfortable behind. January 2010, New Year and time for a clear out of gear. By this time my cymbal sound and set-up was perfect, The Luddy was perfect. This left me with gear I didn't need. Time for one last major clear out. Odd drums, odd cymbals, odd cymbal stands and hardware. It's amazing what gear you collect over 25 years of playing. I put together a couple of hybrid kits with the odd drums and hardware and sold them. I even sold the nuts and bolts to stands, drum heads and cases. As I said it was one last major clear out!  I went back to Wembley Drum Centre with funds raised from the clear out and the Roland TD20 KX kit. One last ever part-ex deal to do, a deal to end all deals all before I was 40.

Check out set-up for full details of this kit