Me & Nick Mason

14 March 2016

Masterclass with Nick Mason at Bimm London.


19 January 2016

I've got my Fatback socks on!

Christmas Carols

20 December 2015

Rocking out some Carols this morning!!!!

Monday Rehearsal

30 November 2015

Acoustic set rehearsal at Bimm London with Maria Moss (Vocals) and Max. (Bass)


Why You Need to Embrace the Word “YET”

4 September 2015

Like every other human on the planet, you’ve likely uttered, “I can't do that!” on more than one occasion.
You felt hopelessly inadequate and that was the end of that. 

Here’s the secret:
just add one…

Ludwig to London Day

14 August 2015

Today the Luddy took a road trip to its new home in Acton, London.
Studio 4


Quick Set Up!

13 August 2015
Ludwig Epic X-Over Striped